2 Day Lip Filler Hyaluronic Acid Course

Introduction to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers –

  • The science of hyaluronic acid
  • Hyaluronic acid in skincare
  • Hyaluronic acid based beauty products
  • Oral hyaluronic acid dietry supplements
  • Hyaluronic acid in health
  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers vs botulinum toxin
  • Benefits of hyaluronic acid
  • How does the skin age?
  • Aesthetic treatments with hyaluronic acid
  • The lips
  • The ageing lips



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Two Day Course Lash Academy Skill Building

What you will learn during this course –

  • Speed lashing
  • The speed system
  • Speed infills
  • Perfect graduation
  • How to bridge gaps
  • How to improve retention
  • Lash correction – creating uniformity
  • Creating direction
  • Cleaver use of lash curls
  • Curls to create effects
  • Assessing clients natural lashes
  • How to safely use multiple extensions
  • Flat lashes
  • Eyeshapes
  • Examples of how to zone your lash styles
  • Coloured eyelash extensions.
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Face + Body Waxing

The course describes the competencies required to enable you to understand what waxing is and identify the different types of waxing treatments –

  • Recognise the specific requirements of waxing
  • Consultation
  • Prepare clients for treatment
  • Perform waxing treatments
  • Complete waxing treatments

What you will learn is hair removal related anatomy sanitisation sterilisation client consultations contradictions and actions pre-treatment precautions procedures hard warm wax plus protocols-

  • spatula
  • Roller wax
  • Methods tube wax
  • step-by-step waxing treatment areas
  • Eyebrows up lip and forearms abdomen waxing legs.
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Two Day Course Micro-needling

Welcome to the Online Microneedling Course with free kits, This is made up of these Modules –


  • Module 1 -The History of Microneedling
  • Module 2 – The method of Microneedling
  • Module 3 – Fractional trauma action
  • Module 4 – Indications for the microneedling procedure
  • Module 5 – Microneedling contraindications
  • Module 6 – Skin structure
  • Module 7 – Features of Derma pen devices
  • Module 8 – Benefits of Derma Pen devices
  • Module 9 – Needle length for each treatment
  • Module 10 – Procedure protocol
  • Module 11 – Microneedling pre-treatment instruction
  • Module 12 – LIPOLITICS
  • Module 13 – After Care
  • Module 14 – Microneedling Benefits
  • Module 15 – Health & Safety
  • Module 16 – Insurance, Safety & Requirements
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Two Day Course Ombre Brow

The Ombre Brows procedure is a semi-permanent makeup (shading technique) that results in a gradient shaded eyebrow with no blocky effect. The purpose of this shading technique is to create 3D effect and volume for eyebrows. The results create a powdered effect where the tails of the brows are darker and fade into a light beginning to the brow, giving a perfect Ombre effect.

What you will be learning –

  • Allergic reactions & pigment testing
  • Infection, prevention
  • Hygiene & equipment
  • Cleaning & sterlizing
  • Colour theory
  • Color triangle
  • Pigment colour
  • Colour combos


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Two Day Course The art of Microblading

Learn the art of microblading from the comfort of your own home along with online tuition.

Learn the aims and objectives –

  • What permanent make up is
  • Insurance and health and safety
  • main theory and related anatomy pre-procedure
  • Procedures preparations the art of Microblading
  • Learn how to prepare the treatment area
  • Prepare the client for treatment
  • Carry out a client consultation carry out a patch test carry out MB treatment
  • Provide after-care advice
  • You will study related to hygiene health and safety related anatomy and physiology
  • Contra intra-indications
  • Eyebrow styles shapes and mapping MB procedures

This course is recommended for complete beginners only
Work from home or in a salon become self-employed building up your own client based business.


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Two Day Course Russian Lash & Classics


  • How to safely and successfully apply volume lashes.
  • How to create a different hand crafted fan.
  • Accredited Course certification.
  • Online live exam.
  • The course is designed for all complete beginners who are stepping in the world of beauty.
  • You can learn everything whilst your on the move reading important parts of the course modules.
  • Studying online is so simple and easy to follow the modules we enclose to you.

You do not need to hold any certificates for this course.

Courses cost £350 – Support given throughout the course.

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Two Day Course Lip Filler Course

If you’re dreaming of a career in aesthetics we offer lip filler courses  at our training academy based in Gillingham Kent we specialise in training courses for beginners with no prior experience or experience therapists looking to upscale we have also trained nurses within the industry-

Courses cost £499 – Our courses will include level 3

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14 Day Anatomy Beauty Therapy


  • This course will enable the student to safely administer fillers. The course is set in two parts theory and practical paying close attention to the Lips, Marionette Lines, Nasalabial Folds, Perioral Region.
  • The course will cover advanced injection anatomy avoiding disastrous complications.
  • Students study at home for the 14 days. 
  • We also offer comprehensive inclass & online education.
  • All course theory is delivered in clear understanding format.
  • This course has being created to provide our learners with substantial knowledge in perparation for the journey entering the field of aesthetics.
  • All students are provided with materials along learning that covers skin and facial anatomy and muscles.
  • Students are closely monitored & given full support.

Price – £995

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